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Silver Legacies

The Silver Legacies Society recognizes friends of North Carolina Senior Games who invest in the future through gifts to the NC Senior Games Endowment and through deferred gifts. The goal of the Society is to provide an important measure of financial stability for NC Senior Games by creating a source of income for generations to come.

NCSG's Deferred Giving Program

There are a variety of ways to make such a gift to NCSG.  The following are a few common examples:
  • Make a bequest to Senior Games in your will
  • Name NCSG as beneficiary of a charitable remainder trust or charitable lead trust
  • Give life insurance to Senior Games
  • Give assets from your retirement plan or investments to Senior Games
For more information, call (919) 851-5456 or download a brochure with no obligation.
 Passing the torch...

To future generations.
Gene and Genny Ross, Fuquay-Varina
Harold and Hazel Moses, Raleigh
AC and Palma Linnerud, Raleigh

Beth Wilson, Wilmington
Margaret McGlohon, Raleigh
Alice Keene, Greenville
Margot Raynor, Wilmington
Ernie Raynor, Wilmington
Anonymous, Raleigh

Founding Gift 2002 
in memory of Pearl Cooper
by Harvey Cooper, Black Mountain

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The NCSG Endowment
The NC Senior Games Endowment will provide income annually to help underwrite the current costs of the program and enable the program to respond to future needs.  Endowments are unique because the principal (gifts made to it) is never spent, but is instead invested for long term growth and income.  Each year only a small percentage of the fund balance (3-5% generally) is used for the stated purpose.  Income above the funds used annually is added back into the endowment so that it grows and maintains its purchasing power.  The creation of this Endowment shows the passion and commitment supporters have for NC Senior Games and the desire to see its success well into the future.  The Board of Directors has set up the fund so that anyone may make a contribution to the Endowment.

Founding Gifts 2009

Beth Wilson, Wilmington
Lisa Lauffer, Raleigh
Harold & Hazel Moses, Raleigh
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Next to church, Senior Games is the best thing to help people.  Being involved and participating in the Senior Games enables us to have quality lives...We believe in the program.

Dan & Lonnie Proctor
Cleveland County Senior Games

Senior Games is an opportunity like no other; it 
provides food for the soul, fitness for the body and friends for a lifetime. 

Gene Ross
Land of Waterfalls Senior Games

I learned that the Senior Games is about possibilities.  Extending, not limiting.  Excelling, not winning.  Achieving.  Satisfying.  Continuing.  Expanding. 
Thanks for an enriched experience.

Jason Hailey
Macon County Senior Games

My husband and I have found joy in being with 
hundreds of other seniors from across the state… the Senior Games provide fun, fitness and fellowship for people of all ages...growing old is not bad when we remain as healthy as possible. 

Erma Thomas
Wayne County Senior Games 

North Carolina Senior Games
4603 Western Boulevard
Raleigh, NC 27606
Phone: 919-851-5456
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