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Thank you for visiting the State Finals Softball Tournament Photo Gallery.  Here are a few tips that may make your visit to this gallery more enjoyable.

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1.  There are many team photos on this page and it may take some time for all of them to load.  Please be patient.
2.  The photos are placed on the gallery generally in the order in which they were taken, starting with the earlier medal games on Tuesday and ending with the later medal games on Wednesday.
3.  If you wish to save a photo to your computer or flash drive, simply right click on your photo and left click on "open in a new window.  Then, right click on the photo and left click "save as".
4.  If your team won a medal and the photo is missing from this page, please let us know at ncsg@ncseniorgames.org
5.  Click here for Results from the Softball Tournament.
6.  Page 3 of the following link is a Softball Press Release that you can print, fill out and send to your local media/newspaper along with your photo. 

Click here to continue to the 2013 Softball Tournament Photo Gallery!

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