Brand Resources


Visual Identity Guidelines

North Carolina Senior Games is proud of its brand outlook and development. We ask if you are planning on using out branding assets, that you use them respectfully by following the simple rules and instructions we have laid out on this page. Below, you will find links to download any brand assets you may need, as well as, our developer contacts. Feel free to ask us any questions about using our branding materials properly!



Our logo is where it all begins, it's like the seed of our visual identity. It provides our typographic style while being clever and simple, it is the core of all of our communications. This download contains - useable icon logo, useable type logo, and logo guidelines.


Color & Typography

Color allows our identity to express its self further than just the black logo. Keeping with the previous blue and red hues, we added lighter tones and more white to our color palette, this increases our effectiveness while using white space as well as increasing our brand recognition with lighter color hues. The typography is where our statement begins. Using a fresh sans serif allows us to expand our readability across many different assets. This download includes - usable color codes, color guidelines, and type guidelines



Using our logo, color, and type has the impact to create many consistent and original layout designs. These layout examples can be mirrored by anyone for the purpose of promoting local or state games. We encourage you to use the layouts provided in this download as they will help us create the most consistent brand recognition possible. This download contains - brand layout examples, official NCSG layout styles, and layout guidelines.



Great brand assets need great images to complement them. In this download, you can find NCSG participants doing what they do best, being active. This download includes - pictures of NCSG participants, iconography, branded participant images, and imagery guidelines.


2019 Style Guide

Need more details? The 2019 NCSG official style guide is a collection of all brand research, asset guidelines, and process details. Our style guide is used by staff members to bring you consistent viewing far than just our website. This guide is updated every year to make sure we are keeping up with design trends as well as what our participants are viewing the most. This download includes - Style Guide PDF. This PDF is large, download time will vary.



Thank you for viewing our branding assets! If you still have problems or concerns, please reach out to:

Lauren Presley -

Will Breen -

Every member of the NCSG team helped create the current brand development through research and creative opportunities. We’d like to thank Will Breen for his work towards the completion of the refreshed NCSG branding, website, social media exploration, and brand research. Feel free to contact him with any questions regarding other creative inquiries or feedback! Will’s email is attached above or his website link can be found here: