Why Mid-August?

Many decisions, including final schedule cannot be completed until after all 3000+ participants have registered.  After registration is closed, and all registrations have been processed, then final decisions can be made.  We update the schedule and all relevant documents as soon as possible...usually a few weeks.  Once complete, information is posted on the website and sent to all registered participants.

  • Specific reporting times for Tournament Sports are determined based on the number of registered participants in each age group to optimize each participant's experience.  So wait until you receive your Final Confirmation and Schedule to determine what time you should report to an event.  Example: Table Tennis Preliminary Schedule is 8:30am-5pm...on the Final Schedule, each age category will have a reporting time so YOU may not actually have to be at the venue until noon.

  • Each Act for Follies and the Cheerleader Showcase are carefully considered for order in the show to provide an optimal experience for the performer and their friends and family in the audience. 

  • Swimming heat sheets are posted after the Timing Team has Used qualifying times and created the heat sheets.

  • Cycling individual start times are posted after the Timing Team has used qualifying times to optimize race times.